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Gold Price Manipulation - Bill Murphy Presents Evidence at CFTC meeting

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How to Work Out the Price of Junk Silver Coins

The term Junk Silver Coins often refers to old US coins such as morgan silver dollars, Kennedy half dollars, mercury dimes and so on. They are an excellent way to invest in silver but are a bit tricky when working out the exact values because they have weird amounts of silver in them. This article will help waork out the value

Go to to get the most current price of silver
Organise your coins according to type - dimes , quarters , half dollars and dollars. Remember only coins minted before 1969 contain silver. Then sort the coins further as to the type of dime, quarter etc they are. For example different dimes have different amounts of silver in them. This info should help.

Seated Liberty Dime 1837-1852
Seated Liberty Dime 1853-1873
Seated Liberty Dime 1873-1891
Barber Dime 1892-1916
Mercury Dime 1916 to 1945
Roosevelt Dime 1946-1964
Barber Quarters 1892-1916
Standing Liberty Quarters 1916-1930
Washington Quarters 1932-1964
Barber Half Dollar 1892-1915
Walking Liberty Half 1916-1947
Franklin Half Dollar 1948-1963
Kennedy Half Dollar 1964

Kennedy Half Dollar 1965-1969
Trade Dollar 1873-1885
Morgan Dollar 1878-1921
Peace Dollar 1921-1935
Then take the current price of silver and multiply it by the silver content of each of your coins. Use the info below for silver content

Seated Liberty 1837-1852 0.07726
Seated Liberty 1853-1873 0.07205
Seated Liberty 1873-1891 0.07234
Barber Dime 1892-1916 0.07234
Mercury Dime 1916 to 1945 0.07234
Roosevelt Dime 1946-1964 0.07234
Barber Quarters 1892-1916 0.18084
Standing Liberty Quarters 1916-1930 0.18084
Washington Quarters 1932-1964 0.18084
Barber Half Dollar 1892-1915 0.36169
Walking Liberty Half 1916-1947 0.36169
Franklin Half Dollar 1948-1963 0.36169
Kennedy Half Dollar 1964 0.36169

Kennedy Half Dollar 1965-1969 0.14789
Trade Dollar 1873-1885 0.78761
Morgan Dollar 1878-1921 0.77343
Peace Dollar 1921-1935 0.77343

Example - the price of silver is $15 and I have a Kennedy Half Dollar. So the calculation is 15x0.36169=$5.68

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Calculating the Gold Price Per Gram

Many people need to calculate the gold price in grams - people in Europe and people who have a small gold item that is measured in grams . This article gives three easy steps for someone to calculate the gold price in grams

The Gold Price is measured in Troy Ounces. When you see the current gold price it is for one troy ounce of gold

Go to and get the current price of gold from the table on the left side of the screen
One Troy Ounce has 31.1034768 grams.

Many people round the number to 31.1 but for the purposes of this article we will use the full number of 31.1034768
With your calculator - divide the current price of gold by 31.1034768 and this will give you the current price of gold per gram.

Alternatively you can visit different gold calculator websites such as the one linked to this website and it will calculate the price for you.

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Working Out the Value Of Silver Dollars

For anyone who owns silver dollar coins or other junk silver coins - calculating the value today can be a bit of a pain (they are worth way more than a dollar today!!!) So this article will explain how to do that easily

Get the current price of silver per ounce. You can get this by going to - the prices are listed on the Home Page or Alternatively go to
Establish if your dollars are
• Trade Dollars
• Morgan Dollars
• Peace Dollars

You can do this by looking at the date

• Trade Dollars minted between 1873-1883
• Morgan Dollars minted between 1878-1921
• Peace Dollars minted between 1921 - 1935
Take the current price of silver (lets say it is $16.50) and do the following calculations

• Trade Dollars = 16.50 x 0.78761 x the number of coins you have
• Morgan Dollars = 16.50 x 0.77343 x the number of coins you have
• Peace Dollars = 16.50 x 0.77343 x the number of coins you have

The second figure in the calculation is the ounce amount of silver in the coin

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How to Work Out Scrap Gold Prices

As people look to cash in their old unwanted gold jewelry it is important for them to know the value of their scrap gold items. This article gives easy steps on how to calculate scrap gold prices

First you need to establish the gold purity of the scrap gold you have. For jewelry this is easy. Gold jewelry is classified in terms of karats (10k, 14k, 18k ,22k). It is usually marked on the jewelry item - you may need you magnifying glass for this.

For other scrap gold items such as CPU chips, gold flake and so on you can establish the purity of the gold by doing an acid test. you can get an acid test kit from ebay.
Once you know the karat value of of your scrap gold then you need to weigh it - knowing the weight in ounces or grams is fine.
Gold under 24 karat is a percentage of pure gold mixed in with other base metals. The percentages for different karats are as follows

10k = 41.7% pure gold
14k = 58.5% pure gold
18k = 75% pure gold
22k = 91.6% pure gold

Example in Ounces

I have 2 ounces of 14k gold. The current gold price is $1100 so the value of my gold is as follows

1100 x 0.585 x2 = $1287

Example in Grams

I have 5 grams of 14 karat gold and the gold price is $1100 per ounce

Gold price per gram = 1100/31.1034768=$35.37

Value of my gold = 35.37x0.585x 5=$103.44

In Gold We Trust Scrap Gold Calculator gives up to the minute scrap gold prices as well as prices on all junk silver and bullion silver coins